Clean and Sober Since 2007

Freedom MC is a motorcycle club, where all members are clean and sober. Our club house is located at north Helsinki and we have members around Finland. Motorcycles are in the centre of our club, they are build and modified with our own hands, but most of all they are on the road. For the most of us, motorcycle is the main use of transport. You may see our members on the road around Finland, Europe and Asia.

Every summer we organize 2 – 3 planed runs monthly. Runs are between 1 to 12 days. If you are clean and sober, and you have a motorcycle, do not hesitate to contact us, and join on our open runs with us. We are not always at the club house, we recommend to call us before visiting the club. You are most welcome to meet us.

Freedom MC respects traditions and customs of MC culture. To become a member can be really difficult or really easy. If you find yourself from these pages, you have a motorcycle, and will to get all out from riding, you know what to do.